We have an experienced technical team, based in Saudi Arabia.
• All products supplied by MisanCom comply with market leading standards, such as AS/NZS 1891.4, EN 795:2012, CEN/TS 16415:2013, AS/NZS 2013-5532.
We provide technical data, installation manuals and testing certificates.
• Our products are continually refined to meet the evolving demands of building and design materials.
• Our products and services are tailor- made to your requirements.
We provide trainings, conduct surveys and recertification, keeping your team safe


About Us

Misan Com Is a Saudi company that offers a wide range of top-quality products, such as;
Fall protection equipment, including roof anchors, lifelines, rail systems, ladder systems, walkways, and guardrails
Roofing panels including fire-proof, sound- resistant panels and related accessories
• Roofing solutions, including complete roofing packages
Ancillary systems and products for buildings
Misan Com also provides a variety of services such as staff training, on-site surveys, design, installation, and recertification.
Misan Com offers customized secure and suitable solutions for their specific needs. All of these solutions are engineered to meet or surpas global standards and regulations, including EN and OSHA compliance guidelines.


We are striving to be a leading company in the roofing and
safety solutions industry inSaudi Arabia


We strive to maintain top-notch quality standards to and deliver exceptional results, that clients expectations.


Our mission is to assist our clients obtain the right solutions, by providing efficient consultation and innovative solutions

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Our Advantages

Misan Com produces top-quality height safety gear, enabling workers to perform elevated tasks safely while adhering to building safety codes

 The company's roof anchors are engineered to absorb energy and minimize the likelihood of harm to individuals and damage to structures. Misan Com's roof anchor lineup features the patented design.

Misan Com offers a variety of height safety products, including permanent roof anchors, horizontal lifeline and rail systems, permanent ladder systems, walkways and guardrails, ladder stabilizers, fall protection devices, and temporary anchor and personal protection equipment.

Misan Com produces top-quality height safety gear, enabling workers to perform elevated tasks safely while adhering to building safety codes


Core Values


1-To deliver top-notch services andproducts that meet our clients’ needs.
2-We aim to create innovative solutions that align with the Saudi 2030 vision


We are committed to providing our services at the utmost level of quality and punctuality, as we strongly believe in our responsibility toward the success of our clients.


We continuously enhance
our tools and techniques
to fulfill the objectives of our clients, and there are no boundaries to our development process

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Why Safety Is Important?

  • Health and safety aim to prevent harm and illness caused by work.
  • Every year, hundreds of people are killed and hundreds of thousands are injured or become ill at work worldwide.
  • Aches and pains, such as back problems, are the most common cause of sickness absence, while falls from height remain a leading cause of death globally.
  • In the construction sectors of the UK, USA, Canada, and Singapore, about one-third of fatalities are related to falls from height.
  • Health and safety laws apply to all businesses, regardless of their size, and cover employees, temporary or permanent, the self-employed, contractors, and the public.
  • Legislators set out the general principles and guidance for health and safety law to ensure businesses are compliant.
  • This legislation establishes employers' duties to employees and the public, as well as employees' duties to themselves and others.
  • Failing to comply with health and safety laws is an offense and can lead to the prosecution of individuals, companies, or corporate entities.

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